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Send to Excel Spreadsheet

I just tried to send my file to Excel and got the following error:
The server threw an exception.(Exception from HRESULT:0x80010105(RPC_E_SERVERFAULT))

Can you please tell me how to correct this problem?

So far your Cash and the City program seems to be working great.

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Thanks for reporting the issue.
Please give me some time to investigate it.
Could you provide some details? What version of Excel do you use? I mean 2003, 2007, 2010? Is your MS Office multilingual or English only?
Is the error stable or maybe it works fine with simple files? Could you check please whether the error appears if you try to export to Excel sample file CATC_Example.catc (it must be located in folder My Documents/Cash And The City)?

Vadim, Soft And The City.

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Thanks for your response. My excel is older, my office is 1997 and my windows is XP. I don't know if it's English only or not. The error does occur when trying to export to excel. What I'm trying to do is to work with the ledger/spreadsheet by sorting and making graphs in excel.... I don't think "Cash and the City" will let you do that??

I am familiar with excel but not with your program. I appreciate any help you can give me.... I finished logging in the rest of January and started with February today.

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I'm sorry, but export to Excel works only with Excel 2002 or later versions.
Basic statistics are available in tab Stats - just specify start and end date,
click recalculate then see statistics in tables and charts in several inner tabs in the bottom.
Or you need something more complex?


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