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not opening

dear Team,
as i downloaded program and it works very well this to my office computer which is Windows8. it opened directly after the downoad software. but also i hv another computer at home which same Windows8..but it not opening on this,.. am not sure if any supporting programme that may be missing on this computer, so pls advise what the programme that i should check or install to get this software works. thanks in advance.
the programme is simply superb and it really helps in a great level...its not that as simple as says it really big one and helping me a lot for my day to day expenses. for sure its a simple one even for understanding and work on any type of group peoples whether they masters in degree or school level educated.

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Sorry for long delay.
Do any error messages appear on your home computer where it's not opening?
Can you send me the screenshot of the error message?
Please send it and any other details to the email:

Best regards,
Vadim, Soft And The City.

use your application.
Displays the following message and you can not operate it.
HELP please!
I have to thoroughly FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS.

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Hello. I can't help, sorry. Your file is damaged. Please make backups next time.
I'll add simple auto-backup functionality to the next version of Cash And The City.

Best regards,

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