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Income, Expense, Tags

Is there a way to sort the Income, Expenses and Tags to make them easier to find?

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They are not sorted.
But you can rearrange Incomes and Expenses on Settings tab by drag-n-drop in order to place the most useful items to the top.
No possibility to rearrange tags so far, sorry.
It will be implemented in forthcoming versions.

Best regards,
Vadim, Soft and the City.

What you have made here is really nice, but like everything in life it is evolving.
Can Income, Expense or Tags be deleted somehow if we don't use them, like rent, I rent nothing, I prefer to own.
Also is there a way to color code cells. In the form I use to use I could color code for specific recurring accounts and change colors for status of budget or actual, etc.

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Unnecessary income and expense types can be deleted on Settings tab: select one then press Delete key.
No way to delete tags so far. You are not the first who asks about it. I'll do it later.


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Tags rearranging feature added on Settings tab.
Version 1.5.5.

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