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Future Cashflow projection

please study and implement also ideas and features from MyCashflow:

I think about to not only type and track done expenses, but
more to see and project to future drive force money to have
enough to cover bills and expenses that will occur months from now.
User then can make LIMITS for his expenses.

Please take the best ideas from MyCashflow and input them into CASH
and The CITY and your application will be superb !

Thank you. Petr

Soft and the City's picture

We position Cash And The City as a tool to plan future financial events first of all rather then just tracking actual spendings. The tool calculates future projected balance and helps to understand whether you will have enough money or not in the future (or maybe much more than enough).

What are the best ideas you find in MyCashflow?
Can you list them please?


let there are options:
1. Show (on/off) graph in main window to see actual money situation.
2. New Tab for amounts of free money (in box, in pocket, in bank, in treasure, etc.) (see tab "Current Accounts" in MyCashflow)
3. Allow sorting all columns up/down
4. option to on/off reccurrent event(s) using un/check boxes
5. and accept Zero "0" in inputs

Thanks and Best Regards,

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