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decimal points

Software is good.but I can't use only two digits after the decimal
How I can make minimum three digits after the decimal

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The software allows only two digits after the decimal point. Sorry.
I'll add to my backlog your requirement of three digits.
For now I suggest to round your amounts to two digits. Try that.
Actually rounding values in some cases could make managing your personal finance easier because higher precision requires more accuracy and more attantion to details.

Best regards,
Vadim, Soft and the City.

In case of OMR, 1000 Dinars(I hope so) equals 1 RIAL. Hence they have to maintain RIALs in 3 decimals. So the functionality of 3 decimal points is decided by the conversion rate between the lowest denomination of that currency with the base unit of the currency in circulation. So in your case, you really have to understand what is the lowest denomination in use of a currency. For example in EU, the lowest is 1cent and 100 cents is 1 Euro. Hence here it doesnt make any sense to have euros in 3 decimals, becos nobody is able to give 0.1 cents to anybody.

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