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Debt and Credit outstanding balances for individual accounts

Hi all, I have downloaded the program and find it really easy and simple to use. Great stuff!
Just a suggestion if possible could there be a column showing balances on individual accounts. For example if one has a clothing account and wants to know the outstanding balance after purchase or payment.
Eg. XX stores balance 250 purchase 200 new balance 450
I think this would be a nice addition to the planner
Enjoy a great day!!

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Hello Bruno,
Thanks for your suggestion.
Can you clarify what you mean as balance for an expense type? E.g. clothing. You said it stores balance 250. How should it be defined or calculated? Clothing is always spending, right? So the "balance" for it would be always growing up. And it would be rather cumulative sum actually. You meant cumulative sum? What moment should it be calculated from? From the very beginning or maybe for current year or current month? What's the point of having such info?
Or maybe you actually mean budget planning for a period (month)? If so then the program would not be so easy and simple with such functionality :)
Thanks again.

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