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Date displaying Bug

Version: 1.5.5. Freeware

there is Bug in displaying Dates formats mixed:

Language: English
Screen: Events
Filter: No
Date Display: [YEAR-MONTH-DAY] for example: [2016-09-24)
Screen: Events
Filter: Yes
Place: [From date] and [To date]
Date Display: [DAY. MONTH YEAR] for example: [24. zari 2016) this is my system Czech language Date format.
Screen: Recurrent
Place: [First Date / Until Date]
Date Display: [YEAR-MONTH-DAY] for example: [2016-09-24)
There will be good to make some new option in [Settings] for format of displaying Date.
Let user could set up his own format of Displaying Date:

DD. MONTH YYYY = 24. September 2016
DD.MM.YYYY = 24.09.2016
DD/MM/YYYY = 24/09/2016
DD-MM-YYYY = 24-09-2016
YYYY-MM-DD = 2016-09-24
MM/DD/YYYY = 09/24/2016
Thank you for the very best Financial App :)
Best Regards,

Soft and the City's picture

Hello Petr,
Thanks for pointing to this problem.
I'm not sure that a new option to specify date format is good for usability.
I guess that in most cases users prefer to see dates in local formats, e.g. Czech format for you.
Can you try this beta version?

I simply changed the date format in Events and Recurrent grids to the local one that configured in Windows.
(Dates in date picker control must already be of local (long) date format).
Please look at the dates in grids and tell me if it works for you or not.

I'm thinking of adding an option with two cases: 1) show dates in local format, 2) show dates in the format corresponding to selected language.

Best regards,
Vadim, Soft and the City.

Hello Vadim,
thank you for your aswer and date format changes in Beta version.
I installed it and also make changes in my Windows settings for
displaying Date in my local format as provided by Microsoft:
I make changes both in [Short Date Format] and [Long Date Format].
Now Date format in CATC is working very well for me.
Big thanks to you for very quick answer and solution.
Best Regards,

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