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Cash And The City 1.0 freeware

Any comments about Cash And The City are welcome

Hello, I need to work with cents. How can I do to use the comma (,) like a decimal separator?
I would like to offer myself to translate the program to the spanish language. I'm not looking for a payment, just I need it in spanish but whith decimals. If you agree, just tell me how to do it.
Thank you very much in advance.

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Hello. Sorry for long delay.

About decimals:
I made money values integer intentionally in order to make the program as simple as possible because precision with cents is rarely achievable. Though I'm planning to add optional possibility to specify cents and by default it will be switched off. I'll do it within a month.

About translation to Spanish:
Your effort will be highly appreciated if you help to traslate the program to Spanish. I can send you a list of captions and phrases in English for translation if you agree. Please let me know.

Yes, please send me that list of captions and phrases. I will send you back all translated.
Thank you.

How can I print . It will not let me. and it will not let me export to excel. on any computer. are these funtions possible

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Print is not available, sorry.
But you can export events to an Excel file through "Export to Excel..." menu item then print the file in Excel.
This feature works only if MS Excel is installed.

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I was able to save as an excel file in Cash and the City.... but can't open the file through excel and work with the spreadsheet.... ie, can't copy to another page, make graphs, sort, etc...

I really don't want to re-enter all my data into an excel file. I've entered over 100 events so far this year. Why can't I copy and paste the events page into an excel page?

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Since you use too old Excel then the export just does not work.
We can implement copy-to-clipboard for all events in the next Cash And The City version but it will be not earlier than end of February.

Vadim, Soft And The City.

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In version 1.3.2 export to CSV file has been implemented.
Now you can export all events to a CSV file that can be opened in old Excel as well as in other (non MS) spreadsheet program.

hello i love this software please is there a mobile version (for android phones) because we spend on the rad it will be great if we could use it on our phones will we are spending. will appreciate some feedback on this question?

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Thanks for your feedback.
Sorry, but now there is only Windows version available.
We have plans to port Cash And The City to Android, but I can't promise anything certain so far.
I hope there will be beta version for Android until the end of 2013.

Vadim, Soft And The City.

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